Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Credentialing Process - The Leadership Focus! Here in Ohio, we are fully committed to serving you through your credentialing by supporting you in your development as a leader.

Leadership development is not simply a one year, three year, or five year process. It is a life long journey of learning.  It is not best accomplished as a solo pursuit. It is at its fullest potential when it is done in community with others who are pursuing similar goals to expand the Kingdom.

We often believe that leadership development is about skill or knowledge. While these are significant elements in the  development of a leader, you will experience in this journey that character and competency are equally important. 

Your journey of credentialing and leadership development will be a careful blend of group learning and coached training.  You will be provided with an extensive list of readings and resources for you to pursue knowledge on your own and will meet with the credentials committee periodically for continued support in your progress. It is our hope that this holistic approach to a lifetime ministry will prepare you not only with knowledge and ideas but with relationships, concepts, and connections, and with the skill to fulfill all God has called you to.  

You will meet with your District Credentials Committees at least three times over the course of your three year journey to ordination. We look forward to this journey together!

Your current District Credentials Chairs are: 

Northwest - Dottie Kaiser
Northeast - David Guess
Southeast - Louise Worsham
Southwest - Melissa Mosier
Central - David Cotto

Your State Credentials chair is Jonathan Grubbs

Your Credentials Administrator:      Mike Parks - - 937-244-6258                          

Your Ohio Ministries Staff Liaison:   Demetrius Booker - - 740-747-2916 

So, sign up and join in!  See you on the journey!